Ecological sustainability

The Reintechnik Group is dedicated to sustainability in its daily dealings.

The basis idea of sustainable action is communicated constantly to the staff in all departments.

Sustainability is reflected in the various different company areas within the Reintechnik Group.

In the Engineering Machinery & Automation sector, sustainability means developing and building a sturdy energy-efficient and, as far as possible, a fault-free machine that will meet the needs of the customer for many years.

In the Development and Production of End-user and Industrial Products sector, we focus on economical handling of resources. With the high volume of items, the most efficient exploitation of raw materials, alongside the highest of quality aspirations, is of prime importance.

We strive to reduce the generation of scrap to a minimum. We prefer the use of recycled material.

We comply with, and exceed, the environmental and scrap regulations in individual countries.
Our local staff regularly check and enforce the compliance of scrap removal companies with the regulations.

Sustainability regarding our employees:
The motivated and committed work ethic of our employees forms the pillars that support our company. Fair wages, the possibility of further training, respectful and appreciative interaction, space for personal and professional development and an open company culture are all intended to provide long-term motivation for our employees to follow a common path.